American Tool Design uses five axis Walter CNC grinders to provide our customers with
the highest quality tooling.  These machines have the ability to resharpen all old tooling,
as well as manufacture new tools from solid carbide and HSS blanks.  These high-tech
grinders can grind cutting tools faster and more precisely than ever.
Some of the other machinery we have to serve our customers includes:

  • Cincinnati #2 Tool & Cutter grinders
  • Sharp OD Grinders
  • 6"x18" Surface Grinders
  • Starrett Optical Comparator with 20x, 25x, and 50x  zoom capabilities
  • Full Inspection Room to ensure 100% quality
Contact us:
680 Lunt Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL  60007
Phone: (847) 690-1010
Fax: (847) 690-1515

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